Product Care

Care of your Kloke goods

Kloke takes great pride in the selection of fabrications used and the manufacturing of all garments. We ask that you take responsibility in caring for your Kloke garment so it can last as long as possible.  Please take note of all care instructions found on your garment. If you are unsure of how to treat and care for a product purchased please contact us at and we will be more than happy to provide you with specific guidelines. We have provided some general instructions below on how to care and treat your Kloke garments so they can continue to be one of your much loved wardrobe staples. 


Please follow the garment care instructions. Hand wash delicately, arrange garment flat on a towel to dry carefully removing the excess water with a towel. Arrange garment to dry on a flat surface on top of a clean dry towel. Some knitwear is recommended to be dry cleaned. Knit garments do not need excessive washing, and we recommend airing out the garment once worn this can be done over a clothes airer inside or outside. 

Some knit fibres do pill, this is the nature of the fibre and can be caused by friction, for example a bag rubbing against the knit. After washing your garment we advise that you carefully remove any pilling with a lint remover or fabric shaver. Carefully follow the instructions provided with the lint remover or fabric shaver. We find after removing the initial pilling any future pilling will be lessened with time. 

Store your garments folded not hung this will help keep the shape and the integrity of the design.