Kloke was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2011 by Amy Gallagher and Adam Coombes —partners in life and in Kloke. We wanted to bring our creativity and ideas into the world, Kloke gives us the opportunity to bring these ideas to life each and everyday.

We value design and function equally, interrogating both so every collection is thoughtful, refined, and supremely wearable. We’re always thinking about how to maximise the durability and quality of our product too, so it can be worn season after season. When it comes to the concept around each season or collection, our approach is pretty fluid. This way the Kloke story flows all the way through our clothes and brand. That said, we’re mindful that it’s fairly subtle, because we love when people bring their own style to what we’ve created, that’s often the special part for us. We mix this collection based approach with collaborate work be that a restaurant such as Brae in rural Victoria or art museum ACMI.

Since 2011 we’ve opened two retail boutiques in our hometown, Melbourne, and now export around the world to Japan, Korea, Europe, China, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. It has been a joyful and challenging evolution from the beginning, and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

The name KLOKE is a derivation of the word cloak; something that covers or conceals; to disguise; to hide. We also think there’s something about the letter K and its form, the way it’s almost horizontally symmetrical, and how it maintains a sort of elegance despite, or perhaps because of, it’s many hard angles.