Kloke recently collaborated with Melbourne based artist Tim Hillier to produce a series of enigmatic photographic images that speak to our Spring 17 Collection ‘Above Ground’ and explore the themes which surround and inform it.


Treating the camera as a rendering tool, Tim captures images that are abstracted by the movement of both camera and subject. The scenes become hard to place, adding an element of mystery, referencing the notions of alternative realities and a parallel universe.


Emphasis does not lie in the visibility of individual garments or figures—not everything is revealed here. Instead you may see the hint of a silhouette or a hue from the season’s colour palette, which reveals subtle references to astrophysics and cosmic space, deepening the sentiment of secrecy and abstraction.


The result is a series that plays with contradictions and hypotheticals and speak to an artist interested in the manner in which light, colour tone and movement is captured, and how in turn it is represented and considered.



Tim has work in the upcoming Digital Portrait Awards at Canberra Portrait Gallery and in the Darebin Art awards.