Kloke recently collaborated with New Zealand born Tasha Tylee—a freelance fashion photographer and filmmaker currently based in Melbourne. We were excited to team up with Tasha to deliver a series of dreamy, filmic images which feature Women’s looks from the Resort 18 Pre Collection Dimensions.

The work focuses on an exploration of the connection between home and human—the calm and comfort ones environment can bring and the self-reflection of how we choose to live. With an ease to her a woman lounges about, content in her own company. She almost coexists with her surroundings. From the comfort of her bed dappled sunlight falls onto her skin.

Shot on 35mm film, on location at Tasha’s home, the work communicates the point of view of an artist who finds inspiration in visual storytelling through exploration of light and colour. The result is a series that is equal parts romantic and raw. There was no hair and make up artist used here—just a fresh face bathed in that magic golden light that appears only fleetingly at dusk.

Photos—Tasha Tylee of People Agency | www.tashatylee.com

Talent—Kia Sydney of People Agency 

Styling—Jess P

Shot on location in Brunswick, Melbourne