We recently teamed up with Melbourne-based Art Director and long-term collaborator of ours, John Wilson, to deliver a series of carefully curated images in subtle reference to our new Spring Summer collection 10,000 Smokes.  

This project brings together talented works from Sydney-based photographer Saskia Wilson and ceramicist Alana Wilson (linked coincidently by namesake… times three!). It explores the parallels between volcanic evolution and ceramic process.

Alana’s ceramic practice involves both research-based and experimental glazing techniques. She looks to connect everyday life and the environment through each body of her work. Specific ingredients are added to her glazes that encourage pitting, bubbling and a maturing of texture within the firing. Layers of slips and glazes are fired multiple times, each contributing to the decomposition of the surface. This process metaphorically conveys the themes central to 10,000 Smokes, with this ceramic tension symbolic of the volcanic tensions in the Katmai Valley. Saskia’s photography and direction observes this creative process as it takes shape.

For nearly two years, Saskia has dedicated her time to teaching interactive photography programs that provide students not only with a sound skillset, but a platform for storytelling through photography. Her recent involvement with ‘Art is my voice’ – an eight week program in Parramatta, Sydney – was organised in partnership with Life Without Barriers, which is the largest service provider for asylum seekers in Australia. The exhibition opening, which took place 15 September, was a celebration of the work participating artists contributed over the course of the program.

Saskia believes a multidisciplinary approach is critical in her field of work, and is something that’s key to being able to advance creatively. “I really enjoy working with other designers / artists and experimenting with different genres of photography as well. I think it gives greater scope to create something unique. Challenging yourself as an artist / photographer to me means growth-progress-adaptation.”