Long-time Kloke friend and collaborator Natalie Turnbull has teamed up with photographer Willem-Dirk du Toit to produce a series of striking and intriguing images to coincide with the release of our latest collection for Resort 19—Other Focus.

The talented Melbourne based stylist and art director takes inspiration from the way form and function are used to communicate an idea. This series speaks to an aesthetic that is considered, minimal, and playful – sparking curiosity in the viewer.

We asked Nat a few questions about her process – have a read below!

What does an average day in the life of Nat Turnbull look like?

Everyday is different, which is part of why I love my job. I’m either working on organising a project in my studio, out and about sourcing or on a shoot. 



What are you current sources of inspiration?

I’m always looking around and really do believe inspiration comes from everywhere. I document a lot of things I see and am inspired by on my iPhone. My iPhone library if often a weird mash up of super close up pics of a nice texture, a strange object that makes me think of something else mixed in with some cute dogs I’ve seen on the street. 



Can you give us some insight into the thought process behind these images?

The images Willem and I created for Kloke were inspired by the idea of timelessness or something being caught in time and abstracted from reality. The objects are there but they also seem so far away. I love the idea that the garments become a sculptural representation of what they are, you might see that it’s a shirt, or a dress, or shorts, but you might not. I do hope the intrigue is there to make you wonder, at least.



What’s your game plan when the creative energy isn’t flowing?

I think having conversations with people is a really important part of thinking creatively. I’m always interested to learn about how other people see things, and if I am feeling a little stuck, this always seems to get me inspired again.



Any exciting plans or projects on the cards for 2019?

I’m off to Milan Design week this year and am looking forward to meeting new people there and seeing some new product. Other than that, I never really know what’s around the corner but I’m hoping there are lots of exciting projects on the cards for me.