AW18 Pre Collection Understudy | Women's Campaign


The ‘Centre Stage’ & ‘Understudy’ compete to become the lead; the way in which they behave and react in this quest for fame and success.

The two vie for attention — this notion is reflected in the range through contrasting prints and is further deepened by juxtaposing cutting techniques, embellishments, textures and styles. 

An antique floral depicted in the Understudy Print sits next to the dynamic and geometric Centre Stage Print; a chevron herringbone adds a bold, integral layer to the mix. Fabrics are ruched, gathered, pin tucked, panelled and quilted — these traditional techniques are employed to manipulate, transform and modernise silhouettes to further develop shape and expression of form within the collection.

A carefully-selected colour palette is revealed here including; fog, moss, ink and chalk employed as primary hues while silver, teal, grenadine and ochre serve as highlight colours.

Utmost comfort for the wearer and exceptional quality are both fundamental to the range — with this in mind, Understudy features exemplary materials and fabrications, some of which are unique to the collection, such as an embroidered double-cloth cotton wool, premium faux shearling and a cotton wool check. Familiar and well-loved fabrics seen in previous seasons are also applied here; such as a crisp typewriter poplin cotton, Japanese denim, technical nylon and luxurious merino wools.

Understudy was developed with an international customer in mind; limited stock and sizes available locally.

Talent | Tessa May of Duval Agency
Photography | Ben Glezer
Art Direction | John Wilson
Beauty | Colette Miller
Shot on location at Brazil Studio, Melbourne